How to wake up XBee Pro S1?

Hello, I am working on a project using Arduino Uno, XBee Pro S1 and an XBee shield. I tried working with the sleeping mode, so I configured the XBee with X-CTU by changing the SM to Cyclic Sleep Mode [4]. However, now the XBee has entered sleep mode and I can not wake it up or reconfigure it. Is there any way to wake up the XBee or reconfigure it out of the sleep mode? Thank you!

Send a remote AT command to the module via API mode to disable sleep mode or increase the wake time.

Thank you very much for your reply. I am a beginner at Arduino Uno and Xbee, so could you share some link to how to send a remote AT command via API mode to disable sleep mode? Thanks again!

You would send this from XCTU and a PC.

Add a radio to XCTU
Enable API mode (AP1)
On the Console screen, use the Assemble packet, Remote AT command. It should help you create the frame you need and can send it from XCTU as well.