Discovery problem through gateway


We have some more networks which have different IP adresses and they are physically connected though a firewall (gateway).

We are here in network with our the discovery tool and the hardware is in network
We have netmask so that we should go through our gateway to reach the other network.
Now the discovery tool only searches the local network throug ARP and/or IP broadcasting (I am not sure?).

The discovery tool cannot find the hardware in Is there a possibility to tell the discovery tool to search in other networks (like

Thank you.

Routers can be configured to pass on broadcast packets or not. Also, the broadcast packets have a TTL (Time To Live) setting which is a suggestion for how far to pass on packets. Many routers are configured to not allow broadcast packets.

If you think about it this makes sense because everyone passed on broadcast packets then the internet would be completely congested with everyone else’s broadcast packets.

Hello Bengaldave,

thank you for your fast answer.
This is correct what you say.

But we need a solution to find the hardware on the other network.
Is there a possibility to tell the software p.e. fix IP-Adresses to find.

You have an hardware on (you know this IP-Adress), your software on cannot find it.
But you want the software to find it.
Perhaps you can tell the software that there is hardware on so that he can find it?

Michel Kohl

I don’t know about the ME, but standard network notation would be to use a netmask of so that the networks can see each other. Why the gateway? I use a and a network together here all the time.


P.S. Are you talking about discovery for programming or discovery in your actual program?

Hello Erik,

The netmask which you are using enables your PC to see other networks in the type “C” IP-Network, so can directly contact .
This works well if all the hardware is in the same physical network (connected together with switches and hubs).

But in our network, one network is far away (physically) and connected to the main network through a VPN-Tunnel (which manages the gateway).
It is necessary for the software contacting the hardware that it goes through the gateway (which is standard gateway in the network preferences).

It is not a network-specific problem. The only problem is that the software cannot discover the hardware because this is in an other network.

My main question is:
Is it possible to tell the DIGI Device Discovery Utility (which is used by our application to find the devices) that it should look in other networks or directly contact some known IP addresses?

Thank you.


One of the command line parameters is for forcing the IP address I believe.

If you know what the end IP address is, the data will probably be routed properly.

I can’t help you more since I used the command line interface only one time over a year ago. (I use the diagnostics interface since it is more reliable.)