Display Data in Multdimensional Array on web page

I’m stumped on this particular problem and hoping someone out there has some insights since the documentation seems to be lacking. I have a 2D array which I’m using to store an array of strings. Ultimately I’m trying to use the data stored in that array to populate a menu/list drop down. Below is the code I have on the web page trying to populate the list.

foo is declared as char foo[40][16];
I’ve all made it accessible via #web foo
When I access the drop down I see mostly garbage and the first entry in the array. I have even tried to access individual elements via but I just get an error message unknown variable. Oh and I’m initializing the entire array so I know there shouldn’t be any garbage in it and I’m also printing the array to stdio and it works fine there.

Figured I’d post the answer to my question or at least a solution I came up with. I created a structure that contained an array of characters and then created an array of the structure. I am able to access the data, add data, and even delete data from the list. Surprising it was pretty easy to reference the variables once I switched over to using a struct.