display recieved data on programmable xbee on a LCD


The idea is to sent data from coordinator(X-Stick or a programmable xbee) to a router(programmable xbee). When we use the sample programs of basic frame reception and simple chat in code warrior, it runs fine with the XCTU and displays the frames on the terminal.
What I need to do is to display the terminal data on the LCD(20x4) but currently I am short of idea on how to go about this.
Any ideas on this will be appreciated.


Hi, start here: https://www.digi.com/blog/xbee/connect-a-character-lcd-to-a-programmable-xbee/

The guide covers HD44780, KS0066U or equivalent controller LCDs and how to interface them with programmable XBees.

Depending how strict your requirement is about the 20x4, Pimoroni has a really nice high contrast 16x3 RGB backlight module available:


Alternatively, you could check more advanced OLED/eINK breakout modules that provide an I2C interface that you can directly interface.