Display viewing failed on own build Android (display is not connected)

I got the Digi ConnectCore® 8X SBC Pro. And I built Android OS for this SBC reference from the following documents. (http://cms.digi.com/resources/documentation/digidocs/embedded/android/pie/cc8x/android_t_build-development-firmware.html)

It seems that building and flushing firmware is no problem. And if connect to SBC using vysor, that viewing is broken. Actually I don’t connect the display device to SBC. So I think Android (hardware composer? or surface flinger?) doesn’t make display enabled. But when I use Digi published Android image, that is OK to view.

So I think there is a difference with some parameters.
I made sure on Digi documents but I couldn’t find it. Could you let me know how to modify it?


Please open a support case. Please run a sysinfo command and attach a file it generates to your email to support.

Hello, thanks for your advice. I sent an mail and got an answer. It seems I downloaded a wrong file. If I download the right file and re-create the built environment, I could confirm the display function is available.

good news! please post your solution as an answer and select it.