DMA question

Hi ,
I am using a RabbitCore 4010 system. I would want to expore the possible use of DMA for data interaction between the ethernet port and Parallel port.

basically my requirement calls for directing a stream of ethernet data to a secondary chip that is connected via to a an outport parallel port.

I would want to leverage DMA to transfer data directly to the io chip via DMA

also does this chip support segmented memory addresses

I am in need of some reference code that demonstrates this. This is basically my algorithm

  1. Establish socket
  2. read data from socket
  3. supply data read to external Io chip
  4. go to step 2

So i believe that DMA would be needed between steps 2 and 3
to reduce the overhead of copying data from the tcip buffer to my buffer and back again to the IO buffer

Help is appreciated