New guy has questions


I just got my new 4010 module and I have some questions:

Where can I find docs on the opcodes for the chip. I am an 8051 guy and this inline asm code is not the same.

I want to use the module to connect to a legacy test instrument that used the LPT port to communicate. What is the best way to implement the timing for the handshaking strobes? timer interrupt? I have been looking at the PWM support. I would like to match the original timing spec. I am planning to use port A for the bidirectional data port, and the lines that are used for the switches and LEDs on the proto board for the handshake strobes. Which IO ports do I need to stay away from on the default proto board configuration?

I would also like to have a web server control panel, and a basic tcp port for a .NET API (NI LabVIEW vi as well) can I have both these functions running on the rabbit at the same time?


i’m looking at matching timing for some external hardware also. Where you successful at using port A for bi directional communication?

How did you end up meeting your timing requirements?