help a microprocessor noob


I have the 4010, and I’m still a bit fuzzy on a few basics. I don’t want to set the thing on fire before I know exactly what I am doing :smiley:

My application is:

Connect PWM output to a IRF510 mosfet chip, which is connected to +30V and an array of LEDs. I’d like to be able to alter the duty cycle of the PWM to control the intensity of the LEDs through the mosfet.

I’m pretty sure that the only wire I need to connect to the Prototyping board is one going from PC4 to the Drain Flange of the IRF510 mosfet. The gate and source pins of the Mosfet would both my connected to ground, while the drain pin would be connected to the LEDs and 30volts+.

Can anybody please tell me if I have the right basic idea?

The LEDs are for my reef aquarium, I am trying to emulate the lunar cycle.
For now I’m just trying to figure out the hardware setup. After that point, figuring out how to code the Duty Cycle to emulate the lunar cycle will be my next challenge.


Your on the right track. Make sure to setup the pins correctly for the pwm, i suggest using Rabbits IO config to at least see what you need to manipulate, or use it for a custom library. Check how you hook those LED’s too, you should have a resistor from the PC4 (or whatever you use) to the gate and that will allow the current to flow from source to drain. Cool project, good luck.