Why is there no documentation of PWM functions?!?

I am a bit confused. I have the RCM4010 with proto board.

I have scaned the documentation and cannot find instructions on how to use the built in PWM functions of the 4010.

I have looked over the PMC.c example, and honestly, I dont think the PWM implementation is what I expected for a chip that is supposed to already have PWM implemented in hardware. The PWM.c is an ISR that doesnt even touch the PWM registers it uses brute force to do the PWM. I think that there is an easier solution using the PWM registers, but there is ZERO documentation of how to set it up. All I can find is obscure references to the “Alternate functions” of the pins.

Anyone out there have any experience with the hardware version of PWM?


Ok, I figured out where I went wrong.

I didnt realize that the 4000 Microprocessor & the RCM4000 were separate documents, so I hadnt looked in the Microprocessor manual yet ( I would have saved 4 days if someone had answered this post ).

I have some more questions:

1 - can the default power-on-reset state of the I/O pins be changed?

    I am trying to use the PWM0 ( on port C ) to drive a FET. However this particular pin defaults to a 1=HI on a power on reset. Since this would be directly driving the gate of FET, that would be bad at POR ( the FET would be driven FULL ON ).  Of course I can change to PWM1 on Port C ( which defaults to a 0=LOW ) to solve my problem, but eventually I want to use BOTH of them.  If I cant change the default POR state, then the two drive circuits will be different. Not an elegant solution.

2 - I would also like to use the Dallas 1-Wire parts.

I see LOTS of posts asking about this. I also found a powerpoint document on the Web that states that an application kit was to be available in 2007, but I see no mention of it. Why wont anyone at Rabbit answer anyone about using 1-Wire?