DNP and Digi One IAP

Our electrical designers have ordered multiple Digi One IAP for a project.

I want to verify that this application note means our RTU can connect to it over the network with DNP.

This is the configuration:

SEL 2523 Device > Digi One IAP > RTU

I am somewhat concerned because the manual does not explicitly list DNP support.

I believe all the device would have to do is encapsulate the DNP serial frames into a TCP packet with no modification. The downside is that multiple masters cannot connect to the DNP slave device. We do not require this capability.

Thank you for reading and for your time.

The reply from the tech support email:

You are correct. The DOIAP would simply encapsulate the data into the TCP packet for transport. Customers, use a TCP socket, or the realport virtual driver. Both are outlined in the document you have listed below.