DNS name resolution, dynamic IP vs static IP

I have an application that will periodically go off to the internet to get config data and stuff. I call resolve() with a name like “configdata.mysite.com” to get back the address to which I want to open a socket connection.

If I have the device running DHCP it works perfectly. If I have it running with a static IP address and the DNS is set to a valid DNS server, it fails most of the time. I’m using both 9.40 (which is know is not the best DC version) and 9.50 and I see exactly the same behavior.

Is there a known issue with resolve() and static IP addresses?

I found the problem after many happy hours of rooting through library source. There was a rogue #define in our code which was causing the resolve code to ignore the manually set servers. I removed that and all seems well so far.