Do Xbee3 LTE-M supports Indian frequency band ?

I have purchased DIGI Xbee 3 module with below details,


LTE part number: SLEXP8021A
Firmware version in Module - 1140b
Hardware version-4b42
An antenna connected to “CELL” port

Now when I am trying to connect it waits for signal and gets stuck in searching.
Here I m using India based SIM CARDS(BSNL).

when I looked at the user manual it seems to be more focused around Europ and US market, I was unable to gather any info for India based region.

So do this Xbee3 module supports the Indian frequency band?
If yes then how do I enable it?

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You are going to need to check with the carrier to see if it is offered yet in your location and what channels are used as India is coming late to this technology. The last article I had read in January was that it was just then being looked into by the Government.

Digi Support

Thanks for the reply.

Well in this case can Global Hologram sim card (provided with kit it self) will help here ?


No it will not. You still need to verify with the local carriers if NBiOT is offered in your location and what channels are used.

okay, get it !
Thank you.