Doc error - XBee Programmable Output Compare

The latest SDK downlaod docs for output compare, in the Programming Guide section, say this:

Sets the timeout (in microseconds) after which the interrupt will be triggered …
Usage example: this piece of code will configure the next interrupt of ocompare0 to take place after 50 milliseconds:
ocompare_set_timeout(occompare0, 5000);

Obviously, 5000 “microseconds” dosn’t agree, so either they meant set it to 50,000; or they meant 5 milliseconds; or the timer runs in 10 uS increments rather than 1 uS.


Hello Chris,

Indeed, it’s a documentation mistake, the correct value is as you say, 50 milliseconds = 50,000 uS. The timer resolution is of 1 microsecond.

Thank you very much for your feedback. It will be fixed in next release of the SDK.

Best regards,