How can I get rid of 5 second time outs XBEE series 1?

Dear forum / support,

I am using my XBEE’s in this configuration:

When I check the output on the computer side I see a very regular ‘time out’ at about 5 seconds (depending on the XBEE combination a few hundred milliseconds less or more). I use three combinations of two XBEE’s (six XBEE’s total) and they all exhibit the same behavior. I picked up the signal directly (using the FTDI USB serial bridge) and also through a teensy plus WIZnet ethernet module. The results are always the same although the ethernet option is the most stable.

So I figure that the XBEE is probably doing something else each 5 seconds. The ‘time out’ is also fairly regular at about 50 ms.

Does anyone know what it is and how to prevent it or make the time longer? It is part of a musical instrument and it could be just that one wrongly timed note…

Thanks for your time.

Best, Hans.

What is your sample rate?

The Series 1 XBee supports a 50Hz (20ms) sample rate, if you set IR to a low enough value (below 0x14), it could cause some of the behavior you are describing.

Thanks for the answer.

My sample rate is at 0x08 (8 ms). For most of that time that works completely fine barring that 50 ms interval. What happens in that time? And why is it so regular but different for the different pairs? Are there other XBEE’s that don’t have this problem?

Best, Hans.

What do you mean by Timeout? What is reporting a Timeout? What is it you want to do with the radios?