Sleep Time (ST) and Sample Rate (IR)

I have series 1 XBees. If I set the number if samples (IT) to 9 and I set sample rate (IR) to 2, will the xbee take 9 samples 2 mS apart and then send all 9 out in one packet, which would happen about every 18mS?
Or does it just take 9 samples very quickly, and send all 9 out every 2mS.

I also want to understand how this would work with the sleep mode. From what I understand the sleep time (ST) setting determines how long (in mS) the xbee must be inactive before it goes to sleep. So if I set the sleep time to 5mS, and I’m sending I/O readings every 2mS, it would never go to sleep. Is that right? So do I need to make sure the IR is longer then ST so it has a chance to go to sleep? Am I thinking about the the right way?

After a little testing I answered my first question. If I have 9 samples and time between samples is 2mS, XBee will send data every 18 mS.