how to configure xbee sensor temp/humidity/light to send sample on wake


We are using a xbee temp/humidity/light sensor connected to a coordinator (no digi gateway). The dev wiki states to disable the IR setting.
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The assumed operation is to place the XBee Sensor into sleep, then have it send the data unsolicited to the XBee node listed in the DH/DL settings.To enable sleeping operation longer than 1 minute: set IR to 0xFFFF, which effectively disables the ‘sample rate’ setting. set WH to 125 to allow the sensor hardware to stabilize for 125msec before the XBee reads the analog inputs (note: not all XBee modules support the WH parameter) set the SN/SP pair to enable sleeping for the desired time period. SP is the number of 10msec periods to sleep SN is the number of SP-periods to sleep for.

This article - Digital and analog sampling using XBee radios - from the knowledge base suggest different settings to get samples. We set the device per the dev wiki and get no samples. If we set the IR value we will get samples. So I must misunderstand what I have read and how this works. I was told that when the device wakes it will send a sample (irregardless of IR). This does not seem to be the case. If I want the device to wake every 15 mins and send a sample how do I configure the device?

thanks in advance…

That is the case only if you send a remote IS command on each wake cycle. Otherwise you need to set the sample rate and number of packet before transmit.

To get samples when end device wakes IR must be set. I set IR to FF FF and began getting samples per SP SN SO … I don’t know why the digi LTH sensor IR is not exposed - Also I do not set DH DL as wiki states on end device. The latter makes no sense if the end device reconnects to another router or coordinator. I find the documentation for the Digi LTH device to be of little use. I found the following in user manual 90002002 - End devices can be configured to send one or more I/O samples when they wake from sleep. To enable I/O sampling on an end device, the IR command must be set to a non-zero value, and at least one analog or digital I/
O pin must be enabled for sampling