Add a delay between waking from sleep and taking a sensor readingÉ

Hi All;

I have progressed with my project, I now have an xbee remote sensor that takes three analog readings, sleeps a minute, and takes readings again.

I updated my breadboard so that the sleep indicator pin now runs through a transistor to control power to my temp, light, and moisture sensors. My light and moisture readings are good, but my (TMP36) temp sensor is reading 0 unless I plug it back into constant power. I assume the sensor needs some time between power being applied and a reading being provided, is there a way to configure the Xbee to wait a period of time before it takes a reading and sends me the data sample frame?

No, there is not a direct AT command you can issue that will hold off on when it samples data but you can issue a remote AT command instead to sample the data. That requires the radio to send a request before it gets the IR request. Which then allow for some delay.