Sleep Mode for Remote Xbee

Hi, I’m new in this forum
I have one remote Xbee to send sensor data to the coordinator Xbee connected to PC. I’m planning to set the remote Xbee sleep for 5 seconds, send the data and sleep again. However after set my remote Xbee with “4-cyclic sleep remote” in SM, the xbee doesn’t sleep. When I check with my multimeter it still consumes the same current about 40mA and doesn’t decrese when not sending.

Actually I had programmed my ATmega328 microchip in the way that the sensor data sending will be delayed for 5 seconds after sending. I think that the remote xbee will automatically sleep when not receive any signal from microchip TX into DIN of xbee.

So what’s the problem with this? Any help is well appreciated. Thanks!

You’ll want to set ST (how long it wakes for) and SP (how long it sleeps) in addition to the SM=4 setting.