sleep mode


I tried to configure an XBee modue to sleep mode. So I used to following commands:


I left ST to its default value (5000).
SLEEP_RQ is high but I don’t see the current consumption decrease after 5 seconds.

Any idea.


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Did you also set the SP (cyclic Sleep Period) parameter? The default is 0 and the module will not sleep with this setting.
Try something like ATSP64 which will set the sleep period to 1 second. Range is:0x0-0x68B0 X 10 MS
Hope this helps.

Ok, everything works well but I just have a problem to wake-up the remote module, it seems I have to send several characters to the coordinator (the one connected to my PC via an USB adapter).

I maintain a key pressed, I see the RX led blink for each of them and after few seconds, maybe depending on how long the module sleeps but I’m not sure), the RSSI LED goes on and the next characters are emmitted. The one used to wake-up the link are discarded.

Could you enlight me on this point?


hum well, According to the documentation and my understanding, I suppose I should set SP to 64 also on the coordinator in order it keeps the data long enough to be able to inform the remote device if there is something to send when this one will send a poll request.