Sleep Mode Settings for Remote Temp Monitoring

I want to build a couple Xbee transmitters that have a temperature sensor (LM34 or something) connected to one of the analog input pins. Then transmit the temp to an Xbee receiver connected to an Arduino. I’d like the transmitters to run on batteries for several months if possible. I’m hoping I can put the Xbee into sleep mode most of the time, then have it wake itself up and go back to sleep. I’d only need it to transmit once every hour or two. Looking at the documentation it seems I would have to set SM=4 and SP=268 (I read 268 was the maximum seconds for sleep, although I’d prefer 3600 or even higher). Am I on the right track here? Are there other parameters I’d have to set that define how long it stays awake before going back to sleep?

You are correct. If you need longer sleep periods, you might want to consider purchasing/using ZB modules instead. ZB has an “SN” value which acts as an SP multiplier to allow for longer overall sleep periods.