does anyine use zigbee "ProXR Relay" from with arduino?

I need a tutorial on using the Zigbee relay board with arduino, please.
I want to connect zigbee on arduino and send commands to zigbee on relay board…
how can I do that, or where can I start
I have searched the internet for 2 days now, with no success.


Hi hamzehhirzallah,

What you are trying to achieve is not really related to the ZigBee units :frowning: The ZigBees in this scenario are simply used as a cable replacement.

The basic premise is the same though.

Think of if you had an arduino talking to a serial version of the ProXR Relay. It would go Arduino->RS232 Shield->Serial Cable->Serial ProXR Relay.

Then you send ASCII character codes to activate the boards features. You can read about that on page 8 here

In your scenario you are wanting to replace the Serial Cable so you would go Arduino->ZigBee Shield->ZigBee->ZigBee ProXR Relay

The ZigBees would then be in a AT mode (I believe) passing any serial information across the link.

For the basic information on how this works have a look at this crazy guy’s youtube videos.
This one here is about basic XBee (Which is not the same as ZigBee but similar)
This one is specifically about sending serial data from an Arduino across the XBee link.

From here you would need to use all the commands in the ProXR Relay manual

Don’t forget that as you need to send the commands in ASCII Character Code you need to follow the suggestions here.

Thank you so much for the detailed reply
I will try tonight to read all the manuals you mentioned and I will let you know.
thank you so much again

There should be a correction in the above. The radio is not called a ZigBee but an XBee. ZigBee is an international protocol standard for a mesh network where XBee refers to a product.