Does Anyone Have a Good "Cheat Sheet" on AT Commands for Serial Interfacing?


I have found some resources on AT Commands for serial interfacing w/ the BeagleBone Black, my PC, and the Wireless Connectivity Kit (two XBee modules w/ adapter boards).

I have not found a good solution for connection and AT Commands yet.

If you are using the Wireless Connectivity Kit and a BBB, please address this post.

I sure could use some advice on where to look online. I have made empty search after empty search. I did find something from SparkFun on AT Commands but I think their info. is geared towards Arduino.


P.S. I have also looked at DigiKey’s eewiki.

I found a book or two and some resources online but nothing that is a full-on cheat sheet for AT Commands.


P.S. If you are working w/ the BeagleBone Black and AT Commands, or Python, please give some ideas or resources. Thank you in advance.