Does the DiGi One SP device need to be in a specific mode for Voice traffic? I'm trying to determine DTMF

I’m using the Digi One SP device with a Multi-Tech MT9234ZBA-V modem and I’m trying to pass ShoreTel voice traffic with DTMF and DID signaling to our Fax Server. Does the Digi One need to be in a particular Port mode for this to work successfully?

The Digi One SP is an ethernet-to-serial converter. As far as “mode”, this would be more relevant to your serial application, and the way it needs to access the serial data.

Does the application talk to a Windows comm port? If so, you’d want to set the DOSP up for a Realport profile, then install the relevant driver to your Windows Server to create the comm port itself.

Does your app instead need to talk to a particular IP/TCP port instead? If so, you’d likely want to setup the DOSP for TCP Sockets, in a “Server” mode.

Further info can be found in the user manual and/or CLI reference: