does the Digi XLR PRO consume power (current) when not transmitting/receiving?

How much power (current) is required when the Digi XLR PRO is not transmitting or receiving, that is, when it’s in idle mode?

When the XLR is not transmitting, it is in an Idle/Receive state.

Both the datasheet and Product Manual list the receive current at various voltage levels.
(page 9)

Thanks Michael, but I don’t see the idle current in the docs.
And another question,
When the XLR PRO go into idle mode, how long does it take for it to be able to transmit/receive again? For example, I know that Spread Spectrum systems require that the transmitter and receiver continually be operating to keep in sync, consuming power continuously. Is there a similar restraint and “problem” on the XLR PRO?
Thanks, John

I was adding on to what mvut said:
“When the XLR is not transmitting, it is in an Idle/Receive state.”

The Receive current is listed in the datasheet and manual. Transmit is an active state, Receive is a passive, or idle state.

To elaborate on what Michael is stating, Digi’s Idle mode is also its receive mode as if the product is not transmitting or in a sleep state, it is actively listening on all ports including serial and RF.