Current consumption in Tx mode Xbee868LP

I’m using in my project XBee868LP(DMRS) and I’m observe current consumtion of module in Tx mode.
In docs I see - Transmit Current, high data rate - 48mA, (45 mA typical).
But I get - 22 - 25 mA.
Why so much differences?
And how it can influence for distance of transmit.
Thank you.

The current draw listed in the manual is the Peak current draw while the radio is actively transmitting. In order to see this peak, you will need to use a scope.

Ok. Thank you for answer. I have 1 more question.
I’m use Xbee in SM8 mode.ST=12, SP=2710. My mcu sends data to Xbee after interrupt by Sleep pin.
But when Xbee don’t see some other module in network he is stop drive Sleep Pin from High\Low. Seems Xbee go to sleep.
Why it happens?

That would be because the node is not finding any detected routers enabled and on and in range.

Ok. Thank you. But why then I write from DH=0x00000000, DL=0x0000FFFF(broadcast address) to DH=0x0013A200, DL=0x40E12345(for example, it’s some node in network) he doesn’t go to sleep?

Setting the DL and DH has nothing to do with seeing the peak current draw. Setting the DL and DH affects only who the data packet is going to be sent to and sent out the UART of that node.

Yes, i know. My last question is about why model goes sleep then no node in network with broadcast address, and don’t go when i write address of some module(which is off).

Are you using a synchronized sleep network? How many hops away is that other node?

I’m using sm=8 mode. No like that. If my module have broadcast address for dh/dl he is goes sleep then no one over module in network. But then i change dh/dl for some else, not broadcast, he is don’t go to sleep then no over module in network.

With Sync sleep, the module should remain awake for the same amount of time regardless of what kind of data packet is sent. You had better check the SS OW MS and OS values to make sure that module is on the network.