XBee power dissipation

Hello, I’d like to calculate the real power dissipation of an XBee Pro Series 2 module.
I’m trying to use a power generator to make this analysis, but I can’t appreciate too low values (microAmpere orders). I’ve seen that n the datasheet it results:

  • Operating Current (Transmit, max output power)= 295 mA;
  • Operating Current (Receive)= 45mA;
  • Idle Current (Receiver off)= 15mA;
  • Power-down Current = < 1 uA

What does “transmit” mean in your opinion? when I send, for example, a ND command, the module responds, so it’s transmittin! but the current goes up to 45mA and it doesn’t go further more.
When the module is in “wait mode”, so it’s on (not sleepin) it consumes just 2 or 3mA (and this value isn’t reported in the datasheet).
When it’s in sleep mode (should it be that Power Down mode???) it goes under 1mA but I can’t have a more precise value till now.
Besided I’ve seen that there’s a pin (I’m not rememberin whch one) that send a periodical signal, as it had to control a blinkin led, and this increases the module dissipation.
Do anybody want to join me makin this analysis? or maybe someone know something useful about that?
Answer if you know anything!!!