Transmit current - XBee s1 and XBee pro s1

Hi All,

XBee/XBee pro manual says transmit current(typical) is,

XBee - 45mA@3.3V
XBee pro - 250mA@3.3V

However, I found XBee pro also spends only around 45mA@3.3V.

As far as I know, XBee raises up the transmit power according to some conditions. So I changed distances and locations btw transceiver and receiver module but I got the same result.

Yes, it’s good thing for me. high power module consumes the power like low power one! But, I can’t believe this. I probably missed out something in my test.

Can anybody advise me about this? How can I test it correctly? I would see 250mA at XBee pro!

Thanks in advance.

I’ve noticed in general the upper limits on current, 250mA in this case, are usually pretty conservative. I’m not surprised by your observed behavior.