Current not increasing when transmitting using Xbee-Pro

I have 3 Xbee-Pro devices. One as coordinator and two as end units. When measuring the current going into pin 1 on one of the end units, I measure 55mA in idle/receive mode.
However, when transmitting I still measure 55mA. Acording to the specification it should be 250mA for the Xbee-Pro
Any idea why?

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Are you using an entry level multimeter for this measurement?

XBee module takes tens of millisecond to finish transmission and retries under normal circumstances. Normal multimeter often cannot detect such quick & short chance in current value.

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Good point.
I am sending a package of data in a loop, so I assumed the amp meter would read it. It is not an entry level multimeter, but then again I am not sure about the reponse time.
I will try to measure the current another way, by adding a 0.1 Ohm resistor between the 3.3V power supply and pin 1, and then measure the pulses across the resistor with a scope.
Thanks for the quick response.