Xbee consumption power

I am trying to predict the life batteries of my Xbee Series 2 Znet 2.5.
I have reviewed the manual and I’ve found only the current consumptions at 3.3 V:
TX Current: 295 mA at 3.3V
RX Current: 45 mA at 3.3 V
Power-down Current < 1 uA

However, I need to find in more detail the current consumptions at different supply voltages ( 3.1 V, 2.8 V, etc)
Is there any guide with this?
Thanks in advance
Anton [B-)]


Although the memo which wrote the experimental result had been lost, also when changing power supply voltage by a XBee S2 International version 2mW type, there was no change in transmission or received current.

Since it is an easy experiment, if it tries, how is it?