XBee 3 constant maximum current consumption

I have a battery powered device that contains a microcontroller and a DIGI XBee 3 module in endpoint mode. There is also a BQ35100 chip for measuring the battery charge level. For the algorithm to work, it is necessary to ensure the maximum current consumption for 2 seconds and then reduce the consumption to the minimum for 15 seconds. To do this, I send the active scan (AS) AT command to XBee via UART. Then I wait a couple of seconds and release the RESET pin. However, I noticed that depending on the availability of the coordinator, the power consumption is different.
Power consumption graphs:
Power consumption

Does anyone know how to ensure maximum consumption within 2 seconds without depending on the connection to the coordinator?

That really is not an option for an End device. It needs to have a parent router/coordinator in range. Otherwise it will try to re-associate to the network. That is part of the Zigbee standards.

Yes, but maybe there is a way to get the maximum consumption in addition to the scan? To be independent of other devices. I’ve tried Bluetooth, but it doesn’t use much current. Or is it impossible?

Are you trying to get maximum power consumption for certification testing? What is the objective?

This is necessary to measure the battery charge level using the BQ35100 chip. On the board, the XBee module is the main consumer. Therefore, it is necessary to use it to cause a voltage drop by pulse consumption. With this action, the chip measures the impedance of the battery and calculates its charge level. On the consumption chart it looks like this: