XBee End Device Lowest Current Consumption

Hi Guys,

I’m currently trying to push the end device to the lowest possible current consumption state. Unfortunately, I’m getting no where near the 3.5 uA in the datasheet.

This is the configuration I’m currently using:
[li]Device: End Device
[/li][li]Sleep Option: Pin Hibernate
[/li][li]DIO State: All output low
[/li][li]Pull Up Enable: 0x00C0 (only DIN & Sleep Request pull up enabled)
[/li][li]CTS & RTS Pin State: Set as output low (CTS & RTS function disabled)

I’m currently getting around 360 uA. Probing pin 13 (sleep/on) suggesting the device is really sleeping. Only the reserved pin (pin 8) is sort of floating but according to datasheet it should not be connected. So, I left it as it is. The rest of the pins are are driven low except Sleep Request (pin 9) which are controlled by an external MCU driving high to enable sleep.

I’m not sure where else to tweak to get the 3.5 uA as specified in the datasheet. The firmware version is 28A0.

Thank you in advance!

Hi phangmoh

Put the ‘Power Level’ to lowest PL=0 and ‘Power Boost Mode’ Disabled PM=0.
See if this make any contribution.

Any one find any solutions? Mine one is consuming 25mA in sleep mode and 36mA in wake mode with same configuration