Xbee3 sleep current


I am working with a Xbee3 Zigbee 3.0TH running 100A.

I am trying to achieve near the specified 2uA sleep current (3.3V), but I have not been able to get close.

I am running mostly default settings with a 5000ms sleep and I am getting down to ~37uA (@~3.4V).

Has anyone else been able to achieve near the specified power down rating of 2uA?

Thank you!

You can. You just need to set all unused inputs to disable and disable any unused internal pull up resistors.

Thank you very much for your response. I was able to achieve the ~2uA based on your advice.

A worthy note: I setup a almost default setting test and changing D8 to disabled was the key to achieving the 2uA sleep with no other changes other then sleep times. I also did find a documentation note that validates this, “Note If D8 is configured as DTR/Sleep_Request (1), the line will be left floating while the device sleeps. Leaving D8 set to 1 and the corresponding pin not connected to anything external to the device may result in higher sleep current draw.”


Best practice will be following mvut’s advice and disable anything unused but this serves as a proof of concept of minimal requirements to meet the specified sleep current.

I tried using default settings while only disabling D8 as you mentioned, however, the lowest sleep current I can get is 80uA (avg).

Did you actually measure the sleep current at 2uA? If so, could you share your config?

My settings are as follow, using default settings when not specified:
Firmware ver. 100D
Bootloader ver. 1B2
Hardware Ver. 4248

ZS 2
AP 1
AO 3
EE 1
EO 2
KY 0x5A6967426565416C6C69616E63653039
NK 0

SM 4
SP 0x64 (10secs)

PR 0

D0 to D9 set to 0
P0 to P2 set to 0

Yes Digi Engineering has tested the firmware files and modules for current draw. You will want to contact Digi Technical Support for how to configure the module for the lowest current draw outside of the interface board.