Xbee Pro 3 micropython sleep current consumption


I am making some experimentations on the power consumption of the XB3 MMT module.

Using the sleep_now (pinwake=false) command in the micropython code, I can achieve at best a current consumption of 425µA during sleep.

I have already disabled all the I/O lines and also all the internal pull ups.

1/ Is there any way to further reduce the power consumption during sleep mode?
2/ Could I achieve better performance using the “non-PRO” version of the XBee module?

My target would be to lower the consumption to ~100µA…

Thanks for your help

Ok, I answer to my own question…

Setting correclty my I/Os before activation of the sleep mode can lead to <100µA consumption. Target achieved.

If anyone has any experience for comparison of PRO and non-PRO modules power consumption, it can be very interesting.




Please refer to this post: https://forums.digi.com/76140/xbee3-sleep-current

It contains details on how I have achieved (and verified) 2uA sleep currents as specified in the datasheets.

Thanks for your contribution

Indeed, my Sleep_RQ pin was already disabled.

But in my case, the 100µA target is for the board :wink: I have some other stuff on it drawing some µAmps also…