Does using API mode 2 affect the maximum payload size?

If operating in API mode and using escaped characters (AP=2), is the maximum payload size reduced? In other words, if my un-escaped message fills the maximum payload (ATNP = 84), but after applying the escaping it exceeds this number, must I reduce the message size to take into account the added escape characters (0x7D)? In the worst case, if my data was 84 bytes of ‘0x11’ then I could I send 168 bytes total (0x7D, 0x31, 0x7D, 0x31,…) or do I have to send only 42 bytes?

No the maximum payload is not affected as the API mode only affects the data flow of the UART for that module. It does not affect the max packet size being sent over the air.

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Thank you for the quick and clear answer.