Does XBee S2 module support software flow control?

We are using Digi XBee S2 module (FCC ID: OUR-XBEE2) serially connected to Connect ME4 9210 having TCP/IP connection to outside.

Does the XBee S2 firmware support software flow control for serial communication and if so, how to activate it? The documentation for XBee chip mentions the need for escaping of XON/XOFF characters in API 2 mode (we are using API 2 mode with escaped characters), it also mentions how to enable hardware flow control using CTS/RTS signals (AT commands “D7” and “D6”), but there is nothing about the software flow control – whether it is unsupported or supported and under which conditions it works. The Connect ME4 9210 module supports the software flow control for serial communication, but I do not know about the XBee S2 firmware support.

No it does not support software flow control. It only supports hardware flow control.

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