Does Xbee series 1 sent only valid received frame bytes to the host through (do pin) uart rx?

I have an end node with Xbee series 1, sending Tx64 request packet to the coordinator in API 2 mode. My doubt is that, does the coordinator Xbee check for any error in received frame first; Stores only the valid frame in DOUT buffer; And then sends each byte to the host micro controller through DOUT pin as UART byte frame(8-N-1).

Unless otherwise configured, only RF data that has past the RF check sum will be passed to the UART of the module matching the 64 bit address of the TX request frame.

The data will then be passed out the UART at the modules configured baud rate using 8 data bit, 1 stop bit and what ever parity set on the module.

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Thank you for Clearing that doubt. :slight_smile: