DR64 VPN with BT 5 Static IP Range

Morning All,

This one has been puzzeling me for some time now so thought i’d see if any one else has had the same issue.

One of the sites has a BT ADSL connection and the DR64 is given a dynamic IP address. I have to configure ETH 0 with one of the 5 IP address given in order to establish a connection with the Internet.

I also have a private subnet configured on ETH 1 with a Server connected directly, which now also has an internet connection.
(NAT on PPP 1, ETH 0 and ETH 1 has been disabled) a firewall entry allows the traffic to pass to the Internet-
pass out break end on ppp 1 from to any -> 217.40.91.xxx inspect-state

Now then, i have a configuered VPN on the above DR64 and a remote DR64 which is showing as connected on both, but the server cannot communicate with the other devices at the far location.

What needs to change to allow the two sites to communicate?

Any Assitance would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks


My first quess was that the NAT is disabled on the interfaces, but DIGI support advised to turn this off to allow for the BT Static IP to be used.

Im guessing the idea to use the DR64’s for this project was a bad one. Still waiting for a reponse from Digi. At this rate it will be more cost effective to replace the devices accross the estate with a cdevice that has a more customer focused support team.