Draw curve in php ?

Good morning everybody,

I�m a French student, so apologize for my bad English!

I begin in programming and I have to set up a WEB server with a RABBIT RCM 5700.

My first question is : can we use php langage ? I can�t find information on the subject. My �.zhtml� pages don�t work with �.php�.

The context of my project: A system equipped with the module RCM 5700 controls speed of several engines. I have to get back and treat these values. I would like to draw and to show curves of braking on the pages of my WEB server. I crossed the documentation but I found nothing.

I only try for the moment to make a simulation. For you, what method I should use? The php? Or directly my C program? AJAX maybe?

Thank you in advance !

Of course no,
Look @ the webserver example and see how to mix c variables with html code.