How can i use PHP on Embedded server

On my Rabbit 4000 I have made a web server with html code, but now I want to use php. I know I can use SSPEC_MIME_FUNC(“.php”, “text/html”, php_handler), but the problem is :
I don’t have the .lib and after two days of research I’ve got 0 result.

Somoene know how to get it or if there is an other way to use PHP ?
Thank’s for help

Dynamic C does not include a PHP interpreter. Please explore the RabbitWeb samples as an alternative way to accomplish your goals, otherwise you may need to consider an embedded device with more resources (like some sort of embedded Linux system).

Thank you for your answer, actualy i am trying the CGI to upload on my server, do you know if there are a way to access the upload.cgi’s code from the uploading exemple available with the rabbit ?

Which CGI sample? All of the Dynamic C samples include the source for the HTML files used by the sample. Are you looking to host a page on the Rabbit that submits a form to another device?