rabbitweb HTML encoding?


I just picked up a RCM 5000 evaluation kit (I’ve used the RCM2000 and 3000 modules in the past) and fired up the ethernet to serial demo … and … it doesn’t work. Setting new values and pressing the update button doesnt actually change any values, I suspect due to HTML coding errors …

Specifically, the html output is badly wrong, variable names seem to be not HTML escaped, so you get things like:

the name has spaces in it? you cant do that like that in HTML … should it be




or if it really does have spaces … why didn’t it get encoded correctly?


I followed it into zserver.lib and the function

char* sspec_getname(int sspec);

but to be honest, I got sort of lost in there … is there an updated version of zserver.lib that works? This is dynamic C version 10.46, i note zserver.lib is dated 2006, I can’t see a version number header in the library …

It turned out not to be a encoding problem (I blame enthusiasm and a little too much Christmas rum for that one) but a bug in rabbitweb.lib related to RWEB_SELECTED, which I fixed and it all works just fine now, thanks.