Driver Linux for Xstick 802.15.4


I would like to know if a Linux driver exist for Xstick 802.15.4?
I use debian lenny.

In fact, i want to use the Xstick as modem 802.15.4 with a temperatur sensor .

I use a python script named xbee2.0 . It works fine. It’s second occurence of google search: ’ xbee 2.0 ’
I guess it’s too late but anyway …


The XStick requires a device driver, FT232R. To download this device driver, go to this web page and select the download appropriate for your operating system:” and

Hope this helps.


Would you have an example of Python script that could write data to XStick so they are sent to the gateway then ?

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thank you for your response.
It’s OK!