Drivers for FreeBSD

I have Digi Neo8 board.
Where can I get drivers for FreeBSD OS?
Will Digi ever engineers make it?

Hello Alex,

Like most things in Business, this would have to be case driven. If you have a use for 500 Digi NEO, adapters, then a case can be made to have this driver ported. But for one or a few adapters the case would be a little weak. I suggest speaking to a Digi Sales rep if you have a larger project that would require this driver.

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I have no 500 boards, but I know people with Digi boards, that uses FreeBSD too…

Now to make the board functionally in FreeBSD, I must:

  1. Download patch for sio.c for CRONYX OMEGA board from . There are patches for all versions of FreeBSD there.
  2. Make changes in patch-file
    “{ 0x015813a8, “Cronyx Omega2-PCI Serial Adapter”, -0x10, 8, 0x200, 64 ]” ->
    "{ 0x00b1114f, “Digi Neo8 PCI Serial Adapter”, -0x10, 8, 0x200, 64 }
  3. Add to my kernel-config file line: “options COM_MULTIPORT”
  4. Rebuild kernel, restart and then I have device Digi Neo8 PCI Serial Adapter in my system

May be Digi engineers can made the patch like CRONYX?
In Russia FreeBSD is a popular server system. But absence of drivers for Digi board makes choise for Cronyx boards, because people not very happy to make so many operations to install board. I think that many people will be glad, if Digi boards will be compatible with OS FreeBSD.