Digi Neo multiport serial card

Can anybody help me please,

I have written a driver for a proprietary system, using
a Digi Classic board.
I controlled the uarts with ‘IN’ and ‘OUT’ instructions.
Now we must move to the NEO card.
Does anybody know whether this card can also be controlled
with ‘IN’ and ‘OUT’ instructions, or must this be done
with memory mapped rather than I/O mapped instructions?


I don’t think the Neo is going to work as a replacement for the Classicboard from your programming perspective.

The Classicboard was a non-intelligent card, addressable via DIPs (older models) or the config utility (later models).

The Neo on the other hand is an intelligent card, and therefore requires a driver which may not work on your proprietary OS nor would its serial ports be addressable by the same method.

I recommend contacting your Digi Sales Representative to see if there is a driver development kit for this product.

Sorry, I am not aware of a DDK for the Neo.

I forwarded your programming request to engineering and I’ll post the reply when I receive it.
It may take several days to obtain.

Hi all,

You will NOT be able to do IN and OUT I/O instructions to the Neo board.

The old ClassicBoard permitted setting up as an IO map.

The Neo board does NOT permit doing that.
The Neo board can ONLY be memory mapped into PCI memory space.

However, if you are able to work through that problem, the Neo board’s ports can be treated as a “dumb” 450/550 UART.
(It offers “extended” options that permit more optimization, but this is not required)

I would highly recommend grabbing our Open Source Linux driver which will show how to do some of these things.