Dropped Packets with XBEE modules

I purchased two XBee Series 1 modules and have them talking to each other via an FTDI based adapter from Adafruit, and a USB adapter directly.

When running two consoles out of XCTU sending a 10 character packet separated by a 1 second delay, I am loosing between 30% and 60% of the packets. I’m running simple point to point mode, and not using API.

I know that these are not recommended for high-bw applications like streaming, but this isn’t that. I’m trying to figure out why I’m loosing the packets.

Any ideas on what diagnostics I can use to see what is going on? I suspect one of the modules is faulty, but can’t know for sure. Tried slower baud rates, reset module to default, etc. Also happens when i type letters directly, and not through packets.


I would suggest looking at the USB drivers for your devices to make sure they are properly configured for a low speed device such as the XBee. I would also suggest making sure you have the two XBee modules in Unicast mode. I would even verify that if you are using the PRO versions of the module, that your USB boards can provide the 400mA that are needed to meet the radios slew rate.