Dynamic C ver 8.51 Software Download

Hi all,

    I am a newbie to Rabbit dynamic C. I need to install software version 8.51 to open our existing projects. But my pc doesnt have any version of  rabbit installed. Therefore, I like to know-

(1)Do I need to have ver 8 to upgrade to ver 8.51?
(2) ver 8 is not free, am i right?
(3) pls give me any idea about it


Why would you want to install Dynamic C 8.x when we offer our current release 9.62 as a free download? This verison also includes many modules that were once offered for a fee.

Please go to www.rabbit.com and download te current release.


Thanks a lot. But when I tried to compile DC ver 9.62, compiler cannot find the .lib files. Have you got any idea for that?

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If you have custom libraries in your previous version of Dynamci C, you must add them to your newer version as well.

Hi Margaret,

          Can you explain me more in details? When I tried to modify and compile the project, I failed. The compiler cannot find any library files. May I know why. I think the originally created Compiler version and the version i am now using are different? 

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Hi Margaret,

            Now I added all my customed library files to lib.dir of the project. But compilation is failed  with this error:

line 501 : ERROR MAPP_MENU_SYS.LIB : Out of variable data space.

Any idea, pls?

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Where can I download Dynamic C?

You can find Dynamic C 9.62A and 10.72E at Dynamic C.