Dynamic C update

Third time I have tried to post this question. I have DC 10.5 that came with a RCM5600 kit. I purchased a RCM5650 which needs DC10.6.

Do I need to upgrade? If so how? I can’t find anything on the Digi website about upgraded or even buying the compiler.

Can I just use 10.5 (which seems to work)? If so can I get the hex value for the RCM5650 BoardType?


You can download the latest versions of Dynamic C 10.72 from the below link


Here you can find “Dynamic C 10.72” under “Development Software and Sample Code”–>General Software.

Also install “DC10.72 tcp patch” and “Dynamic C NAND flash library patch”.
You can find the above patches under “Development Software and Sample Code”–>Patches.


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You can update to Dynamic C 10.72 at the link provided but you can also use your existing Dynamic C 10.5, licenses are not needed.