When will the next official Dynamic C 10 update be available?


Digi released the Dynamic C 10 source code as Open Source on github for active Rabbit community involvement. All libraries are covered by the MPL 2.0 license, with samples covered under the ISC license. See https://github.com/digidotcom/DCRabbit_10.

In addition to the Open Source initiative, we are also announcing the upcoming Dynamic C 10.72A maintenance release. The fully integrated installer will be available for download on the Digi support site on March 31, 2016. A corresponding link will also be shared in the relevant Digi and external forums.

The releases are focusing on delivering significant security enhancements for Rabbit customers. This includes TLS 1.2 security for modern web browser compatibility, a new option for strong 256-bit AES encryption, support for SHA-256/SHA-224 digests, SHA-256 signatures in X.509 certificates, and default 128-bit AES cipher settings. The releases also provide miscellaneous minor bug fixes, including a Wi-Fi connectivity issue preventing successful connection to access points configured in WPA mixed-mode (TKIP and CCMP).


The fully integrated installer for the new Dynamic C 10.72A release, including release notes (readme file),
is now available for download on the Digi technical support website in the “Dynamic C 10” product section under “Development Software and Sample Code”.