Dynamic devices

I am now making some head way in our application and have come to the following question.

What is the best way to handle dynamic device discovery?

I have considered rewriting the dia.yml file when an new device is on the network and then rebooting the device but this seems a little harsh.

also i think that there may be risk in this as a bad write to the CFG file may render the system off line. this raises a second question can i have two CFG file a primary to load the base drivers and presentations (dia.yml)and another dynamic one to hold the other devices (discovered.yml) that would be loaded after?

In any case the .yml file will hold this data during reboots but is there a way to add devices to the device manager on the fly?

I appreciate any comments?

I have wondered the same thing and would love an answer.
The Digi Dia is neat but I couldn’t figure how it could deal with RF nodes that only join the network from time to time.

The next Dia (1.2) due out in Nov or Dec 2009 will include an ‘auto-enumerate’ feature, where you’d just define in the YML which TYPE of device & default settings (aka: which driver to ZIP) and then Dia auto-adopts any such DD-coded devices it sees.

Yet remember that Dia suffers from the same issue as does Win-CE - you can’t include every possible “module”, so a truly dynamic anything-future-goes probably doesn’t make sense. But certainly, having 5 of device “X” and adding 3 more device “X” will be possible without a reboot & reload of ZIPs.