Configuration wizard use and options

Thank you for the reply but I must say that it is definitely not what I had hoped to hear. We have no one available with any familiarity with Python, so there will be learning curve associated with any effort in that direction.

A further question if you would. Some experimentation with the configuration wizard included in the distribution package (installed in Digi Connect > Samples > Configuration Wizard > Cfgwiz.exe) showed:
a: It identified itself as “Device Configuration Wizard Sample”
b: It appears that a number of routines included in the CPP subdirectory are written in Visual C (version unknown).
c: In running the “Sample” it appears to set up at least some of the parameters we need to change.
d. At the last page it appears to save, then reboot the device.
Examining a test device after the reboot shows that indeed parameters changed by the wizard were changed in the Digi module.
Question 1: Would further work on a version of the Device Configuration Wizard in “C” (which we know) be a reasonable path toward automating the module load?
Question 2: For the “Sample”, what was saved and where on the PC was this written (or was the process actually just a dummy for illustration with nothing actually saved?)
Question 3. The “Sample” Configuration wizard never presents an opportunity to load a “saved” file at any time. Is this also just part of the “sample” demonstration and was not intended to ever be used to load something or did I miss a mouse click somewhere at launch?