Is there a Digi Device Setup Wizard for the Connect ME module

Trying to automate configuring a Digi Connect ME module. I have been using the discovery utility, then opening the web interface and configuring the device. Works well, BUT … lots of keystrokes and numbers entered is not suitable for volume use. I need to be able to load all devices with the same setup info in a relatively automated fashion. I found the Digi Device Setup Wizard but one did not come in the development package I purchased for the Connect ME and the reference I found was NOT for the Connect ME. Does one exist for the Connect Me and if so, where do I get it?

Alternately, can a Telnet session completely set up a Connect ME module? I have been studying the Telnet command list and it appears that it is insufficient to cover all of the options for a setup. Is there more documentation available on the Telnet command structure?
Example: Setting up a serial bridge to a known fixed 2nd Digi Connect ME module. I need to tell the module to enable keep-alive. This is a radio button on the web page. There does not seem to be a Telnet “set” command to do the same enable.

Found the wizard. Just didn’t know what name to look for in the Digi directory. Tried it, it doesn’t do everything that I need to do.

I need to better understand what I can accomplish with Telnet. Right now that looks like the best way to do an automated setup.

Further suggestions are definitely welcome.

You need to make this configuration on one module and save this configuration for other modules.
Refer to know how to load configuration onto multiple modules.

Take a look at the below for all related docs.